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    Bestwin(Xiamen) New Materials Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company dedicated to researching, developing, producing and selling fine chemical products with independent intellectual property rights.

    Quaternary ammonium salt is one of our key products.They are excellent products with high purity of 99% produced by unique technology and are widely used in many fields such as textile printing and dyeing, mineral dressing, metallurgy, daily chemical, petrochemical and chemical synthesis.As chemical auxiliaries and chemical raw materials, they are widely used in intermediates, phase transfer catalysts, biochemical reagents, rare metal extraction agents, antistatic agents, organosilicon polymerization catalysts, welding AIDS and other industries.

    Photocatalyst and formaldehyde scavenger are green products developed by our company to solve indoor air pollution.They can be used in conjunction with the efficient removal of formaldehyde, benzene and other carcinogenic organic compounds, improve the living environment.

    The company's research and development of various functional coatings and decorative coatings plating process, in the leading position in China.The main electronic industry tin plating and its pre - and post-processing technology, chemical nickel plating process.Also supporting the design and manufacture of various characteristics of electroplating hanging tools.

    Allantoin is synthesized by one-step acetaldehyde method using a newly developed catalyst.Its high crystallinity and melting process (melting point is ℃), is a high quality of pharmaceutical intermediates.

    The r&d personnel of our company have maintained close cooperative relations with relevant researchers at home and abroad for a long time, which is the basis for our company to maintain the leading production technology of related products and the most powerful technical support for developing new products.The company expects more outstanding chemical talents to join the company or cooperate with the company in various forms of scientific research.